What Kind of Insanity….

I’ve always been intrigued by how people can exaggerate an outcome from a statement and completely come up with a ridiculous verdict that wasn’t even hinted at in the original statement. Let me provide an example:

Someone at a dinner states, “I try and donate $100 a month to my local animal shelter.”

The person-across-the-table returns, “So you condone animal murder!”

Now my first thought, where in the heck did this conclusion come from? I mean the person across the table took a typical good thing and turned it into massive negative. The look of surprise on my face is:

Thus, the kind and gentle heart that decided to donate to an animal shelter has to ask follow up questions. “Why is that?” The person-across-the-table heatedly replied, “because that shelter is NOT a no-kill shelter!”

Wait! So, a charitable donation, that helps feed and keep animals safe, is now a completely bad thing. The person is now judged as completely vile and immoral person while doing something good? WHAT KIND OF INSANITY IS THIS?

But, this is actually a diagnosis symptom. Yes, if someone you know does this, then they have been infected by the SJW-virus – causing normal people to spit out these outrageous responses. Do not be alarmed. It’s okay to confront the disorder and tell the person they need help. If we work together, we can battle this disease and return society back to normal.

Thank you for your support. Knowing, is half the battle. And, MORE YOU KNOW!

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