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Here’s some samples of my writing.  If you’ve enjoyed these, please feel free to let me know. And stay tuned as I have some projects to announce very soon! 

Excerpt from Artificial Mobsters:

Great-Grandfather told stories of how he became the investor of robots, the patriarch to a new organized crime.  Pappy, to all that knew him, both ASB and Flesh and Bone, was considered the father of the modern artificial mobster.  Importing, exporting, there were billions to be made. Pappy chose first, chose the best. That’s how he acquired Killian in the early days of this century.


Excerpt from Emissary:

I couldn’t save her.  We would have to assume that guilt, but I—right, I will not.  I’mguilty of her passing.  It’s all mefault.  Keara was lost because we could not save her.  Her lifeless body draped in mearms.  Her Emissary lost.  We tell stories to children of places like Tír na Nóg and we think it’s just make-believe, but in fact they are more truthful than we ever admit. Many things, we know, would confuse. Awe folks like you.  Destroy beliefs.


Excerpt from The Temporal Spaghetti Imperative:

Hayden swam through, what he called, the temporal spaghetti.  His body floated between multiple strings of time. He found his mind capsulated inside a universe of ideas.  He walked through fields of wild flowers, fireweed and sweet peas.  Each endless and encompassing.  Their brilliant colors stung his eyes.  The aroma of thousands of petals and that of flower nectar swarmed his nose.  A steady breeze flowed over his body, cool and relaxing.