Quiet Your Mind….

Sometimes, I can’t quiet my mind long enough to get anything done. I have ideas and thoughts constantly popping in and as I try to work them out on paper – something else pops in. I also have several different hobbies and those sneak in to cause issues too.

It’s definitely a condition I have struggled with. Is it a true mental disorder? I wouldn’t think so but these kind of days can literally drive me crazy. It causes my body to suffer from fatigue. I try to watch movies or read to get my mind off things. Yet, I tend to take some brief naps.

Then frustration sinks in and I start freakin out that I’m not getting anything done. I know I have to get something done and I just can’t focus long enough. This is a clear sign of anxiety. I’ve been told this can be a side effect. All I can do is call it a day and hope things are better tomorrow.

This is why I have to list things. I have to write everything down to organize my thoughts. Other wise I know I won’t accomplish anything. My daily plans have seen a few disruptions and I will get things back on track soon.

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