Pain…. leads to life pain free.

Our foster dog, Merry, goes to the Orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Like many of our foster Brittany Spaniels, she has a bad hip. Sometimes, this is genetic and sometimes it can be to an injury in their puppy years. Since we don’t know everything about her past, we can’t speak for certain. Yet, we believe she was injured during those formative years growing up.

Last night, I was having a bit of writers block. I just couldn’t get the words to hit the page (…computer screen). So, I read a bit and watched a movie. Then, this morning I had a bit of an anxiety issue. Not debilitating or anything like that. But that feeling you had back in school when your big report or thesis was due. Nothing was planned today. So, I tried to figure out why I was feeling that way.

I believe it was Merry. I know she has no idea whats going to happen tomorrow. But I do feel compassion for her. She is so soft hearted and loving. I believe she was abused at some point in her life. She has lived a few years in constant pain. The surgery is a big one and will in deed be painful. The orthopedic surgeon will basically saw off the femoral head put it back in the hip and let the muscle build and keep the femur in place. Within a couple weeks, she will be fully walking again. And with a few more months of therapy and healing, she will be pain free.

It feels good helping these animals that have come to need our help. I just wish more would realize these animals are emotional and intelligent creatures….

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