2019 will be 365 days of writing. Not since 2012 can I feel like I can focus – truly focus – on my writing. Nor do I feel more motivated. The last several years had consumed me into another venture that I was positive would lead me to new opportunities. This commitment just kept me too busy and required more time than I felt rewarding. I’m proud of that project and my participation in it. Yet, it simply didn’t move me forward, artistically.  In the early years, I  thought I could do both but I was just misleading myself. Between the day job that pays for the roof and food, friends, family, household chores, hobbies, and entertainment, that prior commitment just took too much out of me. I was tired physically and emotionally.

My OCD would say starting on the first day of a new year would be the perfect starting line of pushing myself to a daily routine – a routine that will keep me dedicated to completing several stories. It’s that routine that will give me the best results.  I’m reading to jump in.

Day 1:  New Year’s Day

Growing up, I don’t recall anything really special about the first day of each year. It was a day that my mother was home with a paid day off; it was a day, along Thanksgiving, Christmas and a 2-week vacation, to spend time with her and enjoy doing something fun.  As I got older, we’d go to a movie or go out to eat. In high school, my friends wanted to watch sports and have a big game of touch football in the park. I do remember a few of those games. The whole gang together running around until our sides hurt. Each year the participants may change, girlfriends or new friends.

As I moved away from home, it was a day I could work and earn time-and-a-half or double-time. It was just another work day; one I could make a significant more an hour. Then, I got married and had my daughter. We tried to make it a tradition to go see a big movie – Disney release or something memorable. The tradition lasted a few years but then the movies just didn’t feel worth it.

In the last 45 years, I do recall one thing that tied all those New Year’s Days all together. Eating of the Black-Eyed Peas. The story goes if you eat them on New Year’s that you will be rewarded with wealth. I can definitely confirm it wasn’t monetary as I’m still looking for that lotto win or found treasure of gold coins. Instead I believe the wealth was gauged in family and friends. And health.  And this New Year’s day is no different. I’ve just finished off my peas!

If you should find this blog and my daily writings (along with updates to all my creative projects) I encourage you to stick around.  2019  2+0+1+9 is 12; divisible by 3 and that’s a very good thing!!!

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