Author Unknown….

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The politician and/or law maker and/or law interpreter (lawyer) will not see eye to eye on this simple 27 word sentence.   Regardless, its importance is to protect the people.  It should never be manipulated nor distorted for political or social propaganda. 

The right of the People to be armed was (and still is) so that the People can repel or oppose a tyrannical government. The government is a tool of the People. Not the other way around.   

It’s important that not only does the People possess Arms but those suitable to oppose a government. Any government that puts restrictions on Arms for the sake of social or political gain is violating the 2nd Amendment. 

Do not fear a fellow Gun owner.  But fear a Government that has disarmed its citizens.  For that population is at the mercy of the Government. 

Some will protest that an Assault Weapon is not needed by a law-biding citizen or Hunter.  This is also incorrect.  It is my very need of said Weapon so we the People can keep the Government in check.  It’s common sense we don’t use an AR-15 to hunt.  It has never been about hunting. The AR-15 is to protect the foundations of this nation.   It is to protect the People.  

By simply making a Weapon illegal turns the law-biding citizen who is brave enough to protect his Home, His Nation and Way of Life into a criminal.  It is scientifically proven by statistics and criminal records that making a weapon illegal will not keep it out of the hands of criminals or threats to our Nation.  

Disarming our citizens tells our enemies we are now defenseless.  Our 2nd Amendment right has kept our Nation safe from foreign invasion for 200 years. 

I do pray that our military and National Guard do not become corrupt or support a tyrannical government.  Because if they do, and that government has disarmed its citizens, then we as a Nation are doomed.  

We have endured a tough time of overwhelming tragedy and violence in the last few decades  We all agree this is absurd and regrettable. But one can never rid the planet of darkness.  To try, is to delude oneself.  We must stand tall and carry on.   I’d rather live in a dangerous world with Freedom, than live in a sterile, controlled, and safe one with no freedom.  

Remember our founding fathers designed this Nation with careful thought and experience. It was never meant to be the megalomania government it is slowing turning into. It was never envisioned to control the People.  This is a Nation  “Of the People,  For the People and By the People!”   


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