Dang, it’s so tempting!

So for those that don’t know, Star Wars Celebration is happening in Chicago this weekend. Just to provide some cred, I attended the very first Celebration in Denver, 2 in Indianapolis, and one in LA. So CI thru CIV.

On Thursday, I was looking at the web and saw some of the exclusives. There’s so much to choose from. I hope they sell most of it. Honestly, it’s possible some of it will be in discount bins at Tuesday’s or Dollar Tree.

There are things I really do think are cool and in a perfect world would love to have. But a few years ago I went to therapy and completed rehab for my insane collecting habit. And I will admit that a couple days ago I almost lost my coin!

See, there was a cool Star War Legion exclusive and some cool retro Episode one action figures! The pins that Chrissie Zillow created are freakin awesome! So much to drool over.

So I went to eBay to see what prices looked like– OMG! That’s insane. So I will wait. And I will live with out it if necessary. Yet the plan is to wait a few weeks and/or year and then go from there – or better yet maybe the web will offer them reasonably?

The happy ending here is I still have my coin, I’m still on the wagon, and I’m still clean! But dang it’s so tempting….

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