“Doctor, Oscar is Flatlining!”

photo courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Let’s be blunt. The Oscar broadcast is dying. Eventually it will be dead.

Facts are hard to dispute. The numbers are falling. There’s several factors for this.

In the last 24 hours, the Academy has released that several awards will be presented during commercial break. And for some ridiculous reason, “professionals” are now throwing tantrums of how this destroys the work these people do. Really?! It doesn’t undermine their work. It’s a freaking award show. I don’t recall box office numbers aiding in what is considered the best movie of a year. No, its a closed group of peers that vote. A movie can win best picture that only had a box office draw of $22M. Yet, something like Avengers can bust records at $1.5B. (Oh, its because Avengers was on 4K screens and the best picture was only on 207–uh, no.). There’s a reason the best picture is on 207 screens. Because the average movie going audience wouldn’t go see it. Does it make it a better movie? I guess it’s a matter of opinion and certain points of view….

This isn’t the reason the Academy Award show is declining. The real reason: THE INTERNET!

Yes, its the World Wide Web. And honestly, I believe the show will be exclusively broadcast stereaming on an Academy website very soon. Now, why is it dying? I read an article several years ago and I can’t recall who wrote it or where it was published, so I apologize as its not my intent to disrespect that intelligent soul. Yet, that person predicted why the Oscars would die. And they were right. That person predicted that the use of Social Media would destroy the viewership of the Oscars. It’s coming true.

The reason people watched the Oscars was because it was a way to see your favorite stars outside of the movies. They wanted to see the glamour and the glitz. They wanted to see their favorite actors arrive on the carpet and talk to the reporters. It made these stars more earthborn more relatable. Something magazines couldn’t do. Now, we have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These actors are watched by millions everyday. They know what they eat. They know when they run to the grocery store. Why would I want to watch a 4 hour show on them sitting and clapping?

And don’t get me started on the Polictical Correctness and Identiy Politics that Hollywood seems to be infatuated with lately. This hurts the bottom line although they can’t see it through their moral righteousness. BEFORE you send me hate mail (email), I speak honestly as a consumer of movies and someone that is currently trying to make them. Movies made me who I am. I love it. Yet, I don’t think a contrived award show dismantles the hard work we all do. That’s just the gravy, baby!

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