Humanity Hypocrisy

I’ve seen through the lies. I’ve peeked behind the curtain and I’ve seen the strings. No, I won’t ignore the man behind the curtain. It’s that man that has spoiled my faith in humanity.

Warning! Opinions could be so powerful it will blow your mind.

Ok you’ve been warned.

I hate watching politicians talk about moralities. A wall is immoral. Deporting “illegal” immigrants is immoral as it destroys dreams. Yet, aborting a fetus days before it is born is not. What the FUCK!?

But that’s not what’s pissing me off today. I have to tell this and I hope my readers will share this with everyone of their readers. As this is a message that must be told.

As I grew up, I always had a calling for animals. I just resonated with them. I was never afraid. Call me crazy, but when I looked into their eyes, I could feel their soul. I knew if they were happy, scared, or gentle. At one point, I was in college to be a Veterinarian. The only challenge to this life path was my dream to be a story teller. And, I wasn’t so good with the sciences and I knew I would have trouble and a hard 10 years of school. So I changed my major.

But the fates blessed me. I met my wife. And she was a Veterinarian. Over the years she’s taught me a lot about the science and mostly about the compassion (although I had lots of compassion for them already). In these long years, we’ve seen a lot. We’ve helped a lot. We started volunteering with rescues — namely the National Brittany Rescue — and we’ve always donated to shelters. We have a motto in our house that is great with solicitors at the door: “we don’t do humans!” And its true. We don’t donate.

Because humanity can “help itself!” The animals around us are victimized by us. Our pets depend on us. So I keep this post focused. I am speaking today about domestic cats and dogs. Humanity interfered with the wild animals —wolves and felids — to harness an animal that could help with our survival. So in turn it is our responsibility to help with their survival.

My wife’s clinic sees so many humans bring in their cats and dogs who have been betrayed by their owners. Example: a cat is urniating outside the litter box. The human brings it in, not to see if this can be corrected, but to euthanize it. After an examination, the cat is suffering from a kidney infection and simple medication will clear the problem up. The human refuses as that may be too expensive or troublesome. They insist on euthanasia (which isn’t cheap either). Another one: a cat is brought in with a mass on its back. The human is concerned but worries that it’s life threatening. They want the cat euthanized. And on top of that, the human has brought the cat’s bonded companion cat. The human wants that one euthanized too. The reason: it would be lonely without the other one.

The happy ending in both of those examples is my wife’s team saved those cats. The urniating cat was treated and is back to health and was placed in a loving shelter for adoption. I’m sure she’s been adopted by now. The bonded pair were also saved. The mass was just an abscess and treated. The cat is perfectly healthy and its bonded friend are now at a shelter looking to be adopted by someone who will love both felines.

These animals look to us for help, to feed them and to shelter them. They are, in all terms and conditions, just like human children. Would you take your child to the ER to euthanize it because it has the flu? Or a broken bone? Of course not, you fix it and take them home. Please love your animals. Because they love you more than you can possible know. It saddens me when dumb humans can’t see that…..

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