Woke up to snow.

I guess that’s nice. I don’t have to go no where so even better.

I have so much todo today. As in writing. I want to write. But I’m so inspired that I’m having trouble focusing and actually writing. That’s a new one, huh?

Not to mention the house is a mess. I’ve got to get that going. Maybe I will work on the house and that will just get me into a “do it!” frame of mind.

I need to listen to my old Jedi Master, “patience my young padawan.” Although I’m not so young anymore. But I still need to work more on slowing down both mind and body to get the work done. I find I’m so excited and wanting things to be done now vs. later. Just need to be more slow and easy.

Even 2 pages a day will be 60 pages in a month….

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