New Stuff!

Wednesday Morning—-

Work continues on several new projects.  I hope to start releasing it here very soon.  I would also ask that everyone take a look at my patreon page and support me.  With your monetary support, you’ll get insight into my writing and early peeks at my stories.

I do have to overcome a few distractions.  Mostly that I have so many ideas running around in my head, I’m having a hard time focusing on just one thing.   Yet, I am getting work done.  I’ve been working on a project I can’t talk about but I’ve also got a novella in the works, as well as a several other novel length projects.  I can say, that these include a YA book about my favorite animals; a fantasy epic that will be like a George RR Martin opus; and contemporary story about a boy and growing up in a small town.

Inspiration for completing these projects has been interrupted by working with a local convention for the past 7 years.   I’ve decided to leave that organization and focus on my writing and other creative projects.   I have spent many hours plotting and thinking about these stories.  Something I couldn’t do in the past few years due to the stress and responsibilities of a day job and working on a massive pop-culture convention.  With that wieght lifted, I find that I have time and eagerness to sit down and write.  So, I will do so and finish these projects.

I want to tell stories and have people enjoy those stories.  Yet, I do dream of the day I can do this full time, so with your help, I know I can accomplish this.   So stay tuned and return often.  Thank you!

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