Writing is Hard Work….

I know I’ve said it before. But writing is hard work. Especially for me. Mostly because, I have good days and great days. And then some not-so-good days.

I can easily sit down and work the keyboard for a few hours and write pages and pages. Yet, then my OCD and Anxiety kicks in and I look at the writing and feel its not very organized. Or my thoughts are not coming out right. Even when I know its just a rough draft. Or a quick blog post thats not polished. I sit and worry that it’s crap.

Then, the internal debate happens. Delete. Leave it. No. Delete it. Okay, lets revise and edit it. No, it wasn’t meant to be edited. Okay. Delete it. Forget it. Just leave it. I’ll come back to it tomorrow and edit.

Sometimes writing is a chore. Yet, I do it because I know its something I have to do. Like a job, you have to do it even if you’re not really into it. So I just write. Mostly garbage or just stream of conscience stuff. This is when I rant or throw common sense at a problem and try to explain the upside or downside.

I hope I’m not alone in this battle to write. I think this is why I’m insanely curious to how others write and try to voyeur on their writing process. Like a nerdy 7th grader, I’m trying to justify I’m not alone in this complex world.

And don’t get me started when I think I’m just writing this stuff and its like a note in a bottle. I doubt anyone is reading it or even finding it on the web…..


Finally, I feel like I’m getting into the swing of things. The chaos of the Holidays is over. The new year is going to be the year. No, really.

Few know this but I have this thing with numbers. Our family and myself have found things revolve around the number 3. Birthdays, death days, and events have something in common with the number. So if you add all the numbers in 2019: 2+0+1+9 = 12. 1+2=3. So this year will be eventful. And I will control that event.

Today, I started following a strict schedule.

Morning: Coffee – minimum of 1 cup. (Maybe 2) Read – 1 hour Writing – minimum 1 hour

After completing this, I continued work on the family photo archive project. I’m only a couple years behind but I should have it done with the next month or so. Basically this is just 1000s of old family photos that I promised my mother I’d scan and digitally archive them. Now that she is retired, it will be a great time for her to take those files and document the metadata and create a history of who’s who.

Lastly, took the dogs for a walk. Not only for them, but its time to get get healthy after too much Christmas cookies, candy and pie!

Now can I keep it up? Stay tuned….